Press Release by: The Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, NYC     

"MAGNASCOPIC ARTiculations"                                   AUGUST 26 – SEPTEMBER 27, 2016

Galvanized by Mark Rothko's credo: "I'm interested only in expressing basic human emotions," Ivana Masic paints with a bravado of expressive color in an abstract visual syntax which speaks in languages both iconographic and purely visual. Existing in a prismatic-hued world, her visceral, non-objective canvases are influenced by Rothko's expressive philosophy as they appeal to universal emotions and ideas through their magnificent bold color palette and dynamic, textural paint application. Providing a sensorial experience for her audience, Ms. Masic's oeuvre reflects inner passions and emotions which exist in a world far beyond the literal.  As symbolic renderings of the human soul and psyche, her canvases vibrate with visceral energy, all the while translating visual space where the conscious and subconscious coalesce and integrate. Intellectually and emotionally, the viewer is dynamically intertwined with the canvases, charged by the powerful aesthetics of creation which are synthesized into a visual sensation.

Visceral and emotive, Ivana Masic's canvases are passionate, meaningful and dramatic.  Not merely recording the world that Ms. Masic sees, but rather recreating the emotions she feels, she expertly balances a varied color palette, utilizing color to achieve visual perceptions and emotional responses.  “I mostly create abstract expressive paintings because such work allows me to explore the soulful relationship of color, line, and human form” Ms. Masic explains. By painting color as a sensation, this gifted artist transmits the emotions of life by juxtaposing bright and muted shades to give each image a dynamic flow. Colors rise and fall and explode with contrasts that are dazzling as she interplays depth, juxtaposition, and light, while the materiality of her paint bursts with coloration, achieving powerful three-dimensional tactility. Radiating a sensory cue, Ms. Masic’s saturated colors become a vehicle for emotion.

Boldly and firmly embracing her individuality as an artist, New York based Ivana Masic works with music, film, and literary production in addition to her passionate paintings. Exhibiting internationally and published in over forty books, her outstanding body of work which has catapulted her into a meaningful position in the contemporary art arena. Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to shine the spotlight on this rising Star!